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Rupert Grint: how to portray love – I don't know



One of the heroes of the "Potterian", actor Rupert Grint is confused. The young man admitted that in the last part of the picture, Ron and Hermione will fall in love with each other, and they will have to kiss. How to do this, Rupert does not know - after all, Emma Watson became for him, like a sister ... Grint can be understood: all three main characters of "Potterian" grew up and matured on the set of the film. We can say - almost related. And now he's going to have to portray love. "That kiss is going to be terribly uncomfortable for me," Rupert blushes. "Emma is like a sister to me, so it's going to be very, very, very weird!"

Bryon | 27.01.2023 11:50:12