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The daughter of the "main nanny" began working on TV



Anna Stryukova, the daughter of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, had a brilliant career. She was offered to sign a contract with two TV channels. The girl will play in the "Closed School", and in addition, lead the program "Reach for Heaven". In "Closed School" Anna will play a minor role. And in the popular program "Reach for Heaven" - to become the main presenter and talk about the life of stars in a language understandable to young people. Channel executives say that Anna signed two contracts without any castings. And the name of the star mother has nothing to do with it. "There was a very big competition for the place of the presenter," they say, "but Anna won it. She is photogenic and knows how to talk in the youthful manner we need. And she is very popular on the Internet: she actively communicates in social networks, young people already know her well ..."

Bryon | 30.01.2023 05:39:07