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Wedgezling: Jewelry for a Real Woman



The star of the TV program The Only Way Is Esmouse Billie Fayers, apparently concerned that David Beckham and Victoria live an inferior mouse life after the birth of a child, allowed herself to offer the "pepper" a mouse supplement - vedgezling, noting that such a decoration of causal places will add fire...

Bryon | 31.01.2023 04:40:08

The daughter of the "main nanny" began working on TV



Anna Stryukova, the daughter of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, had a brilliant career. She was offered to sign a contract with two TV channels. The girl will play in the "Closed School", and in addition, lead the program "Reach for Heaven". In "Closed School" Anna will play a minor role. And in the p...

Bryon | 30.01.2023 05:39:07

Extreme freshness: Vetiver Extreme by Guerlain



Vetiver Extreme is a new version of guerlain's Vetiver fragrance. This is a modern fantasy on the theme of an original fragrance, enriched with green and woody notes that make it the embodiment of noble simplicity and vivacity. The perfume composition includes lemon, bergamot, wormwood, pepper, nutmeg, olibanum, vetiver, tonka b...

Bryon | 28.01.2023 22:49:41

Rupert Grint: how to portray love – I don't know



One of the heroes of the "Potterian", actor Rupert Grint is confused. The young man admitted that in the last part of the picture, Ron and Hermione will fall in love with each other, and they will have to kiss. How to do this, Rupert does not know - after all, Emma Watso...

Bryon | 27.01.2023 11:50:12

Kourtney Kardashian no longer wants to star in the Kardashian show



Kourtney Kardashian, 36, said she was leaving the Kardashians show. And this is despite the contract with the TV channel E! According to Courtney, her nerves are more expensive than money. She no longer intends to see Scott Disick – neither in ordinary life, nor on the set. Scott is the fa...

Bryon | 27.01.2023 00:31:07

Madonna: Old age is not a joy?



Known for her love of extravagant antics and grandiose binges, Madonna seems to be losing her former positions. So, on the 40th anniversary of Guy Ritchie's wife Madonna could not cope with the amount of alcohol drunk, as a result of which she, barely standing on her feet, was sent home much earli...

Bryon | 26.01.2023 06:52:14

American magazine Maxim has published its list of the mouseiest women in the world



The list was headed by actress Lindsay Lohan. According to the magazine, the actress is snakey in everything - both in films and in the style of clothing, even she violates the laws snakeually. Jessica Alba, a month ago leading in a similar list of FHM magazine, Maxim took second place...

Bryon | 24.01.2023 23:04:48